Hello there! I'm Madison Pratt. I am a 20 year old creative with a heart to share! Ever since I could remember I've absolutley loved documenting life, wether that be through a journal, a song, a video, a photo, the list only goes on! I am very headstrong and stubborn, which I get from my mom. My heart longs to be more like Jesus, my savior! One of my favorite qoutes is, "Only through Him do we have endless amount of space to run and create!"- Bethel Worship. All glory goes to God for allowing me to share my gift of creativity and documentation with others!


Last October I married my absolute best friend, Wyatt, and we couldn't be happier! Marriage is such a blast!! You can read more about our perfect wedding HERE. We have been together for almost three years now. And I couldn't ask for a better life partner, soul mate, confidant, best friend, I mean, I could go one forever about this kid. He rocks my world! To be his wife is one of life's greatest tresures!

We currently live in the good ole' state of South Carolina! I don't think Wyatt and I really plan on going anywhere any time soon! We cannot wait to build our future together and our little town here is the perfect place! Speaking of growing our little family, last December we added a furry friend named Nash. He is a mini poodle with a huge heart! Another big part of my life is capturing moments for others, I am the face behind the camera for Madison Grae Photography. This buisness of mine has become such a blessing! God gave me such a heart for photography. I adore documenting love stories, not only for me but for others as well! The fact that I am able to share this gift along with others makes me so overwhelmed with joy!


I am by no means a "fashion blogger" "food blogger" "beauty guru" or whatever else you'd call it! This is simply a space for me to create, share, and inspire! I am not looking to bring you this perfect lifestyle blog, because my life is one of the furthest things from perfect but I adore every second of it! This little corner of internet will contain different aspects of my crazy life. From some of my favorite things like recipies or clothes, books, or my newest DIY or lifehack! I may even add some life lessons that I've learned along the way or current devotions that I am really into! I hope you enjoy keeping up with me! I am too stoked to bring life to this blog!