So for this blog, I am going to post a photo, or two, from each month of the year and then add a little caption to it. I figured this is the only way to share last year with you without writing a novel. 2017 was one the most life-altering years I've ever had. Granted I am still young but I'd say it was quite eventful for a 20-year-old.

January - February:

The first few months I celebrated New Years, my fav holiday! This was a huge time that I was trying to find my style in photography. I was taking so many pictures! I also had my septum pierced. Idk why but I was really digging it then...


I traveled to Las Vegas!


I SAID YES TO MY BEST FRIEND!!!! You can check out that blog post here!


This was the month that I landed an incredible internship with Julia Madden Sears. She is a wedding photographer in Greenville, SC! I had the oppurtunity to second shoot so many love stories she was a part of!


In June I spent endless days at the lake with great people, shot my first solo wedding, visted Wilmington, NC, where One Tree Hill was filmed and had freaking purple hair!


In  July, we got our engagement photos done by Brittany Traffie Photography, celebrated July 4th, watched our close friends, Trey + Jacey get married, and ran around a beach for some more photos with  Montana Lee Photography!


In august, all my lovely friends and family celebrated me as a "wife to be", and there was a Total Solar eclispse, which was totally out of this world!


In September, I spent my last month before the wedding taking in life before marriage and really preparing my heart to become a wife. I also enjoyed a weekend away for my bacherlorette party with some of my favorite people!!


Oh, October... What a month. We got married and went on our honeymoon in Mexico then took a detour home through the Grand Canyon, and words couldn't describe how much this month meant to me! Oh Yeah! I almost forgot!! I also turned 20 years old! Check out our blog posts from the wedding HERE and our honeymoon HERE


November came around and we moved into our new house, I got one of the most meaningful tattoos, maybe i'll do a blog on it some day, and we started the holidays as a married couple!


December was a month of big things as well! We bought our first Christmas tree! Added a new member to the family, Mr. Nash, and celebrated our first Christmas as Mr. + Mrs. Pratt. 

What a year 2017 was... i was immensley blessed last year and i couldn't express my thankfulness enough. I am so excited to see what 2018 brings!


Madison Pratt