The surprise continued all the way to the Grand Canyon! Wyatt went way out of his way with this one. I remember at the beginning of our relationship he had asked what is one place you would just love to see, and for some reason, the Grand Canyon popped into my head. So I told him and years later he held onto that and there we were standing at the edge of what felt like the world.

I have always heard people say there is nothing like the Grand Canyon. That it makes you absolutely speechless... and that it did! We stayed in a hotel about an hour from the Canyon for I two nights! The first day we drove to the part of the Grand Canyon that was close to us and we hiked around the rim for 8 miles total! It was so worth it. The view was so breath taking that you didn't even notice how much we were walking! Yes, I did hang my feet over the edge and it was so thrilling. When I asked wyatt to take pictures of me doing I thought he was going to pee. He just kept saying "BABE! Do NOT fall!!!"


The second day we drove towards the other end of the grand canyon where you can find these extravagant underground canyons also known as the Antelope Canyon! There are two different areas you can tour the Upper or Lower canyons. We had planned on going into the Upper Canyons, where people say they are way bigger and more room. But sadly they were all booked that day. We ended going into the Lower Canyons which a bit more narrow but still just as mesmerizing.

You have to have a tour guide to go through the canyons so Wyatt and I followed him and a few others in our group down a flight of stairs that were literally going into the earth. As we walked through the canyons we were just stunned by the incredible ways God makes the Earth his own personal canvas. He is a true artist and seeing all the wonders of his world were so inspiring. 

Madison PrattGrand Canyon